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Danso Care Limited is run and managed by a team of dedicated and experienced care professionals who know about the difficulties people needing care often face when seeking the right kind of help.
The principal manager has over Fifteen years’ experience. Her skill, aptitude, and diverse knowledge come from having worked in every area of the care profession.


All complaints about Danso Care Limited should be made in writing to: your local Ombudsman.

Our Aims

Supported by a wealth of experienced staff, we look forward to making a significant contribution to the level of quality care throughout the London Borough of Haringey and the surrounding areas. Our primary objective is to provide and support quality services to people in need of care. We work closely with our clients to ensure that individual requirements are met, and that clients are given freedom of choice in meeting care needs. We respect the dignity, independence and cultural background of people in need of care and stress the continuity of staff - this way we aim to provide the highest calibre of carers.

Day/Night Care

Our carers and staff are at hand day and night to assist and help with any eventuality. We also provide constant bedside monitoring as well as a companionship service.

Health & Safety

All our staff have trained in health and safety techniques. All have a high standard of First Aid practice.

Quality Assurance

All staff members and carers are professionals and take part in our rigorous training programmes. We monitor and access our carers and liaise with other professional bodies to ensure that only the best care is always being provided. We welcome your suggestions and comments and have a complaints procedure through which clients may voice their concerns. Our terms and conditions of business is issued with each assignment we take on. Our guarantee: reliable, top quality healthcare services 24 hours a-day, 365 days a year.


  • Mrs McDonalds

    Dear Claudette

    I have been using your organization for my care since 2012 and find the service excellent, the Manager and Workers very supportive and caring. They understand my needs, allowing to maintain my dignity and independence.
    I am indebted to the carer, and appreciate the quick response to my need, even out of hour. I would like to thank management and carer of Danso Care Agency for their continuous support.
    With regards

    Mrs McDonalds

  • Mr Jackson

    Dear Claudette

    For the past years, I have had excellent care service from Danso Care Agency. The staffs who take care of me ensure that my health and safety and personal Care is supported to satisfactory standards
    I would like to continue to Danso Care Agency, and will be recommending them to my friend and colleagues.

    Yours truly

    Mr. Jackson

  • Doreen Akins

    Dear Claudette

    In the relatively short time I have known Danso Care Agency it has been satisfying to experiencing remarkable continuity of care from your caring workers. Who have proving to be truly worth their weight in Gold.
    My evening and morning carer has been good time keeper, who has shown understanding and patients with this elderly lady, showing great concern for my welfare. I feel honour to be cared for by Danso Care Agency.

    Kindest Regards
    Doreen Akins.


Speak to the professionals, our lines are open 24 hours a day

Danso Care Ltd
1624 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield EN1 4SZ

Phone:0800 999 2144
Fax: 01992 788 333

About us

Danso Care Limited is located in the London Borough of Enfield, is registered to provide personal care to people in their homes. There is a registered manager in place.We specialise in caring for vulnerable people with diverse needs within the community.


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