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About us


Danso Care Limited is located in the London Borough of Enfield, is registered to provide personal care to people in their homes. There is a registered manager in place.We specialise in caring for vulnerable people with diverse needs within the community.


Danso Care Limited is dedicated to providing a quality care service of a highest standard in the community (private and local), with special emphasis on African, African-Caribbean and other ethnic minority citizens. Our organisation is unique in that we provide a holistic care service for the:

  • Young and elderly
  • Mentally ill
  • Those with challenging behaviour
  • HIV sufferers
  • People with learning disabilities
  • Adolescence
  • Domestic etc. daily living skills

Although we are based in the London Borough of Haringey we aim to work in partnership with other local authorities in the delivery of quality healthcare service.Our primary objective is to work closely with our clients, to provide a service which is designed to give the client independence and freedom of choice in meeting their care needs, while respecting their individuality and dignity, continuity of staff, and understanding of their cultural background - this way we aim to provide the highest calibre of workers.

Philosophy of care

It is our aim to ensure that all our clients receive the best possible standard of care from workers who have all the requisite skills, experience, qualifications, training and commitment that will assure a standard of excellence to our service users.

Quality of Life of Clients
We are guided by the six basic values identified by the Department of Health and Social Services Inspectorate, which underpin the quality of life that all those in receipt of care are entitled to expect. However, our involvement will vary depending on whether the client is in receipt of domiciliary care or are accommodated in a Residential or Nursing Home, or other similar Care Units. A brief precise of the principles are outlined below as reference notes for DCL staff.

1). Privacy:

Every individual has the right to enjoy freedom from intrusion into their private affairs; to be guaranteed sensitivity in the handling of personal matters such as bathing and toileting (e.g. keeping doors closed) regardless of their personal circumstances; confidentiality of information concerning all their affairs; the right to determine when and to whom information can be given without causing an unacceptable level of risk to their health and well-being.

2). Dignity

Each client / service user will be treated as a unique individual with respect, care and concern according to their personal needs irrespective of circumstances. It is essential that all DCL’s employees avoid patronising behaviour in respect of a client, use the appropriate mode of address, knock on doors and show sensitivity in handling such personal matters as bathing, toileting, incontinence, etc.

3). Independence:

DCL will seek to promote the individual's right to control the way in which care is
delivered. Our workers will support the individual client's right to independence in so far as this does not present any danger or risk. They will seek to maximise opportunities for the individual to act without supervision in those instances where it is safe to do so. Our role is enabling not hindering.

4). Choice:

DCL employees will ensure that as far as possible, the individual preferences of the client is recognised and incorporated into the development of the Care Plan, bearing in mind the limited involvement of the agency that is possible without infringing on the role of the Provider of Services. We recognise that the client has freedom of choice to select from a range of service options, what to do, when to do it and whom to associate with, in a manner that will not unnecessarily restrict the lifestyle that it is being sought to maintain.

5). Rights:

We support and will facilitate, at all times, the maintenance of all entitlements associated with citizenship and humanity. For example, the right to make decisions within the individual's capacity including the right to exercise religious worship, or. protection from possible abuse

6). Fulfilment:

DCL will actively assist the client to realise their personal aspirations and to exercise all their abilities in even' aspect of daily life. All employees/workers must take account of all clients’ race, culture, religion, disability, sexuality and other relevant personal characteristics in responding to their care need and the maintenance of their dignity.

We are convinced that these principles are fundamental if we are to provide the standard of care that we have set for the agency, its staff, and its clients' satisfaction and peace of mind.

The organization is unique in the sense that our aims and objectives is to provide care and support for older members of the community. All our carers are qualified to support and assist in any way possible. Danso Care Limited always work in the best interest of its customers and offer flexibility of service. Danso Care Limited are actively working with councils around the boroughs to make sure people that need help are assisted with all their needs attended too and help put a smile back on the faces of the people we care about. We also support our industry with training facilty's to achieve all the necessary certificates from our registered training office in clapton. Eveyone is welcome to ring for advice concerning any needs that may arrise during the course of life.


  • Mrs McDonalds

    Dear Claudette

    I have been using your organization for my care since 2012 and find the service excellent, the Manager and Workers very supportive and caring. They understand my needs, allowing to maintain my dignity and independence.
    I am indebted to the carer, and appreciate the quick response to my need, even out of hour. I would like to thank management and carer of Danso Care Agency for their continuous support.
    With regards

    Mrs McDonalds

  • Mr Jackson

    Dear Claudette

    For the past years, I have had excellent care service from Danso Care Agency. The staffs who take care of me ensure that my health and safety and personal Care is supported to satisfactory standards
    I would like to continue to Danso Care Agency, and will be recommending them to my friend and colleagues.

    Yours truly

    Mr. Jackson

  • Doreen Akins

    Dear Claudette

    In the relatively short time I have known Danso Care Agency it has been satisfying to experiencing remarkable continuity of care from your caring workers. Who have proving to be truly worth their weight in Gold.
    My evening and morning carer has been good time keeper, who has shown understanding and patients with this elderly lady, showing great concern for my welfare. I feel honour to be cared for by Danso Care Agency.

    Kindest Regards
    Doreen Akins.


Speak to the professionals, our lines are open 24 hours a day

Danso Care Ltd
1624 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield EN1 4SZ

Phone:0800 999 2144
Fax: 01992 788 333

About us

Danso Care Limited is located in the London Borough of Enfield, is registered to provide personal care to people in their homes. There is a registered manager in place.We specialise in caring for vulnerable people with diverse needs within the community.


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